We are ballet dancers on stage full of charming colors.

The ballet costume was used for ballet performances. In the 15th-16th centuries, the early ballet costumes were luxurious. “whalebone skirts” worn by male performers and female performers, all of which looked bulky and heavy. In order to fully show the ballet dance and skills, history has made several innovations to ballet costumes, gradually making it perfect.


About Me

(Guangzhou Yu Jian Clothing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Yu Jian Clothing”) was established in 2014, is a young and energetic entrepreneurial team consisting of post-80s and 90s.

Mainly engaged in the production and processing of dance supplies, tutus, princess skirts and other products, with a complete, scientific quality management system, Yu Jian clothing integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry, and maintain a long-term relationship with a number of schools dance performance group, often appear in various parent-child website forums, becoming one of the favorite clothing company for children and mothers.

“Yu Jian” has its own independent processing factory, professional fabric accessories buyers, designers, pattern makers and production team, every quarter every year to push the new, keep up with the trend, keep the brand fresh and dynamic, to lay a solid foundation for a solid customer base.

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Their dance clothes are generated by their clothing factory quality is good, very comfortable to wear, the fabric is soft and comfortable Dancewear skirt and the back of the bow design is very beautiful, wear the color is very white, children especially like 💕
Katherine Foxx
Their ballet costumes have their own clothing factory production quality strict control, good quality fine workmanship affordable price, the skirt is very flash, ⭐️ bright, the sleeves are lace, like a princess dress, wearing a beautiful dance
Victoria Klarke
Their clothing factory production dance wear beautiful fabric soft and breathable, elastic, will not pilling, quality workmanship exquisite atmosphere skirt puffy sarong fabric soft does not scratch the skin, knitwear is also very soft feel is also great
Miranda Griffin
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