What Is a Secure Data Room?

Secure data rooms are a web-based application that allows for simple and speedy uploading of files that can be viewed, shared, and downloaded by authorized recipients. It is used by corporations to share important documents to a large number of stakeholders to conduct due diligence as well as litigation, compliance corporate transactions, and fundraising. Secure data rooms offer more features than other tools like Google Drive or Dropbox that secure confidential business data from the unauthorized access.

Cloud-based secure datarooms typically have drag-and-drop bulk-uploads, a powerful full-text search feature, a number-coded list of all uploaded files, as well as dynamic watermarking, which connects the name of the authorized user to all viewed or printed images. Additionally, advanced systems such as CapLinked include additional functionality that protects data privacy. For instance, FileProtect is a proprietary DRM solution offered by CapLinked that blocks sensitive parts of the document using the help of a “fence view” to stop screenshots and further dissemination.

While a secure dataroom might be more costly than other tools such as Google Drive or Dropbox for sharing confidential business information however, the costs of using a standard platform for sharing files can be greater. Inappropriate use of confidential information can result in lawsuits, fines, and reputational damage. A well-equipped secure data room offers a professional first impression and can be the difference in a deal. To find out more about a secure information room and how it can help you meet your needs, book an appointment today for a personal demo.

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